Hello! I am Timofei Shatrov aka Grue. Here is just some cool data that you may want to see.
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Contents: Interactive Fiction, ADOM related stuff, ASCII-art.

Interactive Fiction

My only English game: ROOM (75 kb) - you need Z-machine interpreter to run it. Search one for your platform here.
It'll grow into a bigger game after some time.

ADOM related

ADOM is roguelike game which is very cool.

Arena Research report

My ADOM filks

What is filk?

:filk: /filk/ /n.,v./ [from SF fandom, where a typo for `folk' was adopted as a new word] A popular or folk song with lyrics revised or completely new lyrics, intended for humorous effect when read, and/or to be sung late at night at SF conventions. There is a flourishing subgenre of these called `computer filks', written by hackers and often containing rather sophisticated technical humor. See {double bucky} for an example. Compare {grilf}, {hing} and {newsfroup}."

Ancardian National Anthem - to the tune of Russian anthem.
Not a bastard - about troll.
Come out swinging - this one about AF-scumming. Ratlings are joke. They protect the environment and walk in AF with lanterns.
Papyrus scroll - Rehetep sends letters to Player. Without any response. Do you remember that Eminem song?
Wota - really stupid hero in Water temple.
Ego-items - the first ADOM v.1.0.0 filk. "Ego-items cool, Ego-items rule" thing.
Imagine - "and corrupted will be thee...'


Mike Throll and the Stupidity

Mike Throll and TV-Show

Mike Throll and the Old Coin

Mike Throll and Thomas Biskup

Mike Throll and the Popcorn

Mike Throll and the Parrot

Mike Throll and the Nightmare

Mike Throll and the Dentist

Mike Throll and The Bandits

Mike Throll and The Ancient Magick

Mike Throll and The Alien Invaders

Mike Throll and The Anti-Mikers

The Return of Mike Throll

The Return of Mike Throll 2

The Return of Mike Throll 3 (1/2)
The Return of Mike Throll 3 (2/2)

The Return of Mike Throll 4

The Return of Mike Throll 5

The Return of Mike Throll 6

The Return of Mike Throll 7

The Return of Mike Throll 8

Other ASCII-art

Perm Skyline

Who is Mr.Putin?

Yet Another Coffee Cup

Map of Afghanistan